limen  (2020) for clarinet, trombone, electric guitar, piano, percussion

near dark (2020) for soprano saxophone, piano, percussion

the surface of the night  (2020) for open instrumentation

catching the light (2020) for sitar

patterns of shadows (2020) for piano

in praise of shadows (2020) for bass flute and bass clarinet

visible darkness (2020) for alto flute, tenor saxophone, double bass, piano

Silhouettes (2019) for oboe and cello

Sounds of Silence (2019) for percussion quartet

Slanting Moonlight (2019) for soprano, clarinet, piano

Dancing Shadows (2018) for clarinet, cello, percussion

The Way the Light Falls (2018) for flute, clarinet, horn, bassoon, haeguem, geomungo 

Civil Twilight (2018) for violin, cello, and piano

Shadows of the Afternoon (2018) for clarinet, trumpet, bassoon, piano

Close to the Bone (2017) for clarinet, harp, and double bass

Nocturne (2017) for alto flute

Murmurations (2017) for alto flute, stone marimba, guitar

Silent Key (2016) for vibraphone, marimba, piano four-hands

Luminous River (2016) for clarinet, violin, cello, piano

The Reef (2016) for clarinet, violin, viola, cello

Specks Infinitesimal (2016) for string orchestra

Cross Currents (2016) for shakuhachi, oboe, cello, koto