somnolence [2023]

Music for Sleep, Cities and Memory
Original sound recorded by: Heath Webb (thevoidinclusive)

Duration: 19′


The piece is built upon a field recording from Heath Webb, with slowly shifting drones coalescing over rain, wind, and thunder sounds. The added drones explore a range of frequencies, aiming to create a relaxing and soothing ambience in conjunction with the natural white noise.

Heath Webb:
This recording was made late in the night at my house in the country over a decade ago. I couldn’t sleep and went out to the sunroom to hear the night sounds. A storm started rumbling in the distance, so I grabbed my field recorder, opened the doors, and started recording. This excerpt captures the intensifying of the storm over the course of 20 minutes with thunder, wind, and heavy rain. After spending a long time listening, I stopped the recording and went back in to go to finally sleep. The rain had soothed me and the sustained focus of listening had put me into a relaxed trance.